Vets For Birds

Vets For Birds (VFB) is a network of veterinarians that specifically focuses on avian medicine. As a specialised network, Vets For Birds offers both first-line and second-line care for birds. Besides care, guidance is also central to the VFB philosophy.

Vets For Birds works as an umbrella structure above individual services that each focus on a different aspect of avian medicine. This unique collaboration between vets creates the opportunity to offer birds the best care at all times.

  • The Vets For Birds Practices are veterinary practices offering specialised care, personal advice, guidance and lab tests for all bird species.
  • The Vets for Birds Laboratory is fully equipped for routine and more specialised analyses, including sex determination, performance genes and parentage tests, among others.
  • Vets For Chickens offers support to vets and private chicken keepers for the daily care of backyard poultry
  • Vets For City Pigeons assists cities, towns and businesses in the animal-friendly and ethical control of the nearby city pigeon population by providing a nutritional, non-hormonal contraceptive

In addition to these services, Vets For Birds also offers an in-house supplement range: NeorniPharma.

Vets For Birds Practices

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Vets For Birds Labo

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Vets For Chickens

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